Twelve passengers were injured and eight were hospitalized this Sunday in Dublin (Ireland) for injuries suffered during a period of turbulence on a flight from Doha (Qatar), reported a spokesperson for the Irish capital airport.

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A total of six passengers and six crew members experienced injuries while the Qatar Airways plane flew over Turkey, but only eight needed to be admitted to a medical facility at the end of the journey.

The spokesperson indicated that the Boeing 787-9 landed on time and safely at Dublin Airport this Sunday shortly before 12:00 GMT, when emergency services were already waiting for them.

“All passengers were evaluated for injuries before disembarking from the plane. Subsequently, eight passengers were taken to hospital,” he said.

“The return flight to Doha (flight QR018) is scheduled to operate normally this afternoon, although delayed,” added this source, who specified that the airport program has not been altered.

In a statement, Qatar Airways explained that “a small number of passengers and crew suffered minor injuries during the flight and are receiving medical attention”. “The matter will be subject to an internal investigation,” she added.

The event comes after a few days ago a 73-year-old Briton died and more than a hundred passengers were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight from London suffered severe turbulence, forcing it to make an emergency landing in Thailand.

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