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Because pears are a real delight to enjoy in autumn, we have selected for you the best recipes highlighting this succulent fruit. Whether you’re a fan of cakes, tarts or lighter desserts, there’s something for everyone! So get ready to treat yourself with these gourmet creations made from pears.

Yogurt cake is a timeless classic and with the addition of pears it becomes even tastier. Its soft texture and delicately sweet taste make it an easy and unmissable dessert. Accompanied by a cup of hot tea, comfort is guaranteed! See the recipe for pear yogurt cake.

The pear-chocolate tart is a great classic and a combination that works wonderfully. The sweetness of the pears combines perfectly with the intensity of the chocolate for a delicious and comforting result. A dessert that is sure to be a hit! See the recipe for pear-chocolate tart.

Crumbles are always a safe bet and this crumble with pears, Breton biscuits and chocolate is no exception. The combination of flavors of melting pears, crunchy Breton biscuits and melting chocolate makes it an irresistible dessert. To be enjoyed without moderation! See the recipe for pear crumble, Breton biscuits and chocolate.

Pear cake is a delicious way to enjoy this juicy and sweet fruit. In this recipe, the chestnut flour brings an additional flavor that goes wonderfully with the pear. Don’t forget to keep a few diced pears on the surface of the cake for an even more delicious presentation! See the recipe for Pear bread or pear cake.

If you are a fan of the famous Italian tiramisu, this variation with pears and speculoos will appeal to you. Juicy pears bring a welcome freshness to this classic dessert, while speculoos add a crunchy and spicy touch. A dessert to die for! See the recipe for pear speculoos tiramisu.

For a snack or a gourmet breakfast, these pear and almond muffins are perfect. Soft as can be, they are delicately flavored by juicy pears and crunchy almonds. A real explosion of flavors from the first bite! See the recipe for pear and almond muffins.

Autumn evenings deserve a comforting dessert like this chocolate coulant with its melting pear center. The combination of intense chocolate and the sweetness of pear creates an explosion of flavors in the mouth. To be enjoyed warm for a moment of pure happiness! See the recipe for chocolate and pear heart coulant.

Clafoutis is a classic and timeless dessert. In this version with pears and cinnamon, autumnal flavors are in the spotlight. Melting pears and fragrant cinnamon combine perfectly in this sweet treat. Serve warm for even more deliciousness! See the recipe for pear and cinnamon clafoutis.

There you go, you now have all the recipes you need to take full advantage of the pear season. So let yourself be tempted by these gourmet delights and enjoy!


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