One day after the massacre in Moscow, Russia, The authorities reported that 133 people lost their lives, there are 100 injured and 11 captured, accused of being responsible for this crime.. Meanwhile, the first reports of the wounded became known.

Vladimir, one of the victims, has not yet finished processing that he is one of the survivors of the deadliest terrorist attack that Russia has experienced in the last two decades.

“I had a wound on my neck, burns on my face and hand,” account.

Remember it was Friday night. It was all supposed to be music and fun, a rock band was playing. However, in a matter of seconds everything changed. A group of men armed with rifles entered the huge Crocus City Mall leisure complex, located on the outskirts of Moscow, shooting indiscriminately.

“They just walked and shot as they went. There were five or six of them, they didn’t shoot upwards, they didn’t shout ‘everyone get down’, They shot everyone methodically in silence,” says Anastasia Rodionova.

The terrorists made their way to the concert hall where it is estimated there was a capacity of at least 6 thousand people. According to witnesses, the men threw what appeared to be a grenade.

The place was quickly devoured by flames and turned into ruins.

Now you understand that you are lucky, very lucky. I came home and my coat was covered in blood. “Apparently someone protected me with his own body,” Anastasia Rodionova, survivor of the attack, told the media.

In the midst of the tragedy and mourning of a country, unity has emerged. Hundreds of people stood in long lines early in the morning to donate blood to the survivors.

Rescuers continue to remove debris, as it is expected that under tons of steel there will be the bodies of those who did not manage to escape in time.


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