Sabreen al-Sakani, named after her dead mother, was born by cesarean section in a hospital in Rafah, Gaza, the previous weekend. Doctors resuscitated her using a hand pump that brought air to her lungs.but she died on Thursday, April 25, 2024 and was buried next to her mother, the BBC reported.

“After trying to save her from her mother’s womb “He could not continue for more than five days and his soul asked to leave us and join his family.”said on Facebook the cousin of the little girl’s father, Abdull Salam Jouda, who regretted the death of all the members of this family.

In the deadly Israeli attack, The 7 and a half month pregnant mother suffered serious injuries and both her husband, Shukri Ahmed Jouda, and her three-year-old daughter Malak lost their lives. Only the baby remained alive in her mother’s womb when she was rescued.

After taking Sabreen to the hospital, The doctors performed an emergency cesarean section to deliver the baby, which they then put in an incubator, although their condition was critical.

After 6 and a half months of war in Gaza, At least 14,778 children have died in the Palestinian enclave, according to data from the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Weekend, Another 16 children were killed in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, and where Israel is expected to begin a ground offensive, when the apartment building where the Sabreen family lived was bombed.

According to the Israeli Army, the objective was to attack combatants and Hamas infrastructure.


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