NIn his daily speech, the Ukrainian leader indicated that “defensive actions continue” in the Kharkiv border region, where Russian troops began an offensive with thousands of soldiers in recent days.

“Throughout the day, our Ukrainian Defense and Security Forces – all units involved – managed to partially stabilize the situation,” he declared.

Zelensky described that the Russian Army “is being destroyed with all available means”, referring to the use of artillery, drones and infantry “with great precision”.

At the same time, he stressed that “the same attention is paid to all other directions” and pointed out the fronts of Pokrovsk, in the Donetsk region, and Kupyansk, in the Kharkiv region.

“We clearly see how the occupier is trying to distract our forces and make our combat work less concentrated. We are reacting to this exactly as we should: we must have the means to retaliate against the enemy in all directions,” he continued.

In his speech, Zelensky also highlighted that the result of the Ukrainian forces “depends on every soldier, every sergeant and every officer who is directly in their positions, in combat, on the front line” and said that “the full fulfillment of the tasks combat under current conditions should disrupt Russian offensive plans.”

Conversely, Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously praised the progress made by the Army on all fronts in Ukraine, after his troops claimed the capture of several locations in the Kharkiv region.

“Our troops are constantly improving their position in all directions, every day,” Putin said during a meeting with senior officers and new Defense Minister Andrei Belousov, broadcast on Russian television.

This morning, Russia claimed the capture of two locations, Glibokie and Lukiantsi, in the Kharkiv region and also “deep advances in enemy defenses”, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

These two villages, very close to the border with Russia, are located south of several towns already conquered in recent days, and north of Kharkiv, capital of the province with the same name and the second largest Ukrainian city.

In view of the Russian offensive on this new front since Friday, the Ukrainian President ordered the sending of reinforcements to Kharkiv and canceled all commitments abroad in the coming days, including planned trips to Spain and Portugal.

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