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Since the launch of the TM6, the range of Thermomix accessories has grown a little more each year. After the vegetable peeler and the pressure cutter, the Vorwerk group has decided to direct its new accessory towards cooking with Thermomix Sensor, a cooking probe connected to the robot cooker.

The Thermomix is ​​a versatile robot that allows you to carry out many actions in the kitchen. Despite everything, there remains one area in which the Thermomix could not help us, that of cooking. You can’t yet sear a steak like in a pan or roast your filet mignon like in the oven with your food processor. But with the Sensor, your Thermomix will finally be able to assist you in this type of cooking and allow you to accurately measure the temperature of recipes.

The Thermomix Sensor connects via Bluetooth directly to the TM6 as well as to the new Cooking Center application. The probe continuously transmits data during the cooking process. It has two measuring units: a sensor to take the core temperature inside the food, which can measure up to 100°C, and an ambient temperature sensor which measures the heat of the oven or grill. The sensor can be used up to a maximum ambient temperature of 275°C.

In terms of use, simply remove the device from the charging station, connect it to the Thermomix TM6, select “Sensor” mode and place the sensor in the center of cakes, breads, meat or fish… The charging station is battery operated and can be powered directly from the oven door. The probe has an operational autonomy of 24 hours. So, tempted? In any case, with or without a probe, you can find inspiration in our section dedicated to Thermomix recipes.


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