A The operation will also allow the United States to resume operations at the pier, which were interrupted due to restrictions caused by maritime unrest.

It was not known when aid might reach Palestinians in Gaza, where experts have warned of a high risk of famine, as the war between Israel and Hamas enters its ninth month.

This is the first time trucks have transported aid from the dock since the World Food Programme, a UN agency, suspended operations there due to security concerns on June 9.

In the last week, more than 4.5 tons of aid were transported ashore, according to the US military.

The UN is investigating whether the pier was used in an Israeli military operation last month to rescue three hostages in an attack that killed more than 270 Palestinians.

If the WFP manages to get the aid to the warehouses inside Gaza, the US military could decide to reinstall the pier, which was removed due to bad weather this Friday, and could not be reinstalled again given the possibility of aid. not be collected.

Aid distribution convoys have been the target of attacks in Gaza.

Although most aid deliveries are made by land, restrictions around border crossings and items that can enter Gaza have further harmed a population that was already dependent on humanitarian aid before the war.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2589462/nacoes-unidas-iniciam-transporte-de-toneladas-de-ajuda-humanitaria-a-gaza

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