The National Electoral Council, CNE, of Venezuela The day of registration and updating of voter data beganin about 300 points throughout the country, facing the presidential elections on July 28.

Young people over 18 years old, and all those who wish to update their data due to a change of residence, will be able to go to one of these offices from Monday, March 18 to April 16, inside and outside the country.
María Inmaculada Caraballo, 69 years old, who went to the only registration point in the Chacao municipality, in the central Miranda state, to update her registration, explained to EFE that the process does not take more than three minutes per person.

Regarding the upcoming presidential elections, she said she felt apprehensive about “how is it being handled“, but confirmed that, as he has done since he turned 18, he will participate.

For his part, Luis Gerardo Ramírez, councilor and president of the Citizen Participation Commission of the Chacao municipality, called on citizens.

“Our call is to all citizens who are not registered in the electoral registry, especially to the kids (young people), who come to register. It is a fairly simple process, quite fast, only with the laminated card“, he claimed.

On the other hand, Venezuelans residing in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Germany and Spain stated that they have not been able to complete the procedure, since the consulates have not received the corresponding equipment for registration.

The “special” operation to open the electoral roll, according to the CNE, will be held inside and outside Venezuela, but the regulations that will govern abroad or in which countries registration will be enabled are still unknown.

According to opponents and activists, Nearly three million Venezuelans over 18 years of age are out of the electoral register, Therefore, they have asked the CNE to promote registration in the census and the opening of thousands of centers for this task.


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