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The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s time to think to your Christmas meals. Among the essential elements of any festive feast, the aperitif holds a special place. If you are looking for original ideas for your Christmas aperitifs, Do not look any further. We have prepared a selection of delicious toppings for you to place on blinis, these small, fluffy pancakes of Russian origin. Discover how to surprise your guests with a variety of exquisite flavors for a memorable Christmas aperitif.

Making homemade blinis is easier than you think. To prepare a delicious blini base, mix flour, yeast, eggs, milk, a pinch of salt, and optionally a tablespoon of melted butter for a softer texture. Let the dough sit for about 1 hour so that it develops air bubbles, which will make the blinis lighter. Next, heat a non-stick pan, add a small amount of batter for each blini, and cook them until golden brown on both sides. You can prepare them in advance and freeze them in anticipation of D-day!

Discover the recipe for making homemade blinis

For a chic and delicious Christmas aperitif, smoked salmon is a must. Blinis go perfectly with slices smoked salmon, garnished with a touch of sour cream and a few sprigs of fresh dill. This classic combination is a delight for the taste buds and adds a touch of freshness to your festivities.

Fish roe, such as salmon or trout roe, bring a touch of elegance to your blinis. Their delicate texture and salty flavor work wonders on these little pancakes. Add a little crème fraîche and finely chopped red onions for an explosion of flavors.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, opt for a mushroom duxelle. This preparation made from finely chopped mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs is cooked over low heat to obtain a melting texture. Spread it on your blinis for a topping rich in umami flavors that will please everyone. Add a few slices of raw button mushrooms to add texture.

The bright colors and tangy flavors of carrot and beetroot pickles will bring a touch of freshness to your blinis. For the carrots, cut them into thin slices to give the illusion of a slice of salmon. For the beets, opt for thin slices cut with a mandolin that can be placed rolled on the blinis.

A refreshing combination for your blinis is to spread a generous dollop of sour cream on each pancake, followed by thin slices of fresh cucumber. The combination of creaminess and crunch is irresistible, and the sweetness of the cucumber perfectly balances the acidity of the sour cream.

The thin slices of Graubünden meat, dried and fragrant, bring a delicate charcuterie note to your blinis. Pair them with mustard, pickles and cheese for a topping that is both elegant and flavorful. You can also opt for bresaola.

Divert your blinis by transforming them into mini croques. Spread mustard on the blinis, add ham and cheese, then grill until the cheese melts and the blinis are golden brown. A tasty and comforting option to satisfy your guests’ appetites.


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