A recent study carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) y Standard Chartered sheds light on the economic future of Latin America and the countries that will stand out in the next decade.

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By the year 2030, Only two Latin American countries will be positioned among the largest economies globally.

This forecast suggests a significant change in the region’s economic outlook.

Which Latin American countries will be rich in 2030?

According to the study carried out by PwC and Standard Chartered, Brazil and Mexico will appear as the only economies in Latin America that will be among the top ten worldwide by 2030.

These two Latin American giants are destined to experience notable economic growth, which will allow them to occupy prominent positions on the global stage.

  1. Brazil: with an estimate of 4,439 billion dollars In Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Brazil will occupy the eighth place in the global ranking. This will make it the largest economy in South America.

    The country has been diversifying its economy and improving its infrastructure, which contributes to its rise on the global economic scale.

  2. Mexico: Just behind Brazil, you will find Mexico. Its GDP is projected to reach 3,661 billion dollarsplacing it in the ninth place Worldwide.

    Mexico has also been working on policies of economic development and has demonstrated greater diversification in its economy.

The role of politics and infrastructure

Government policies and investment in infrastructure are essential for economic development.

Both countries have shown a commitment to continuous improvement in these sectors, which has been crucial for its growth.

The world giants

At the global level, China, USA e India will be the three dominant economies in 2030.

China will maintain its position as the world’s largest economy, with a GDP of 38,008 billion dollars.

The United States will follow closely, with 23,475 billion dollarswhile India will experience significant growth and reach the 19,511 billion dollars.

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