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“This event was a real time trial with a lot of chance of being eliminated. It’s the one that gave me the most difficulty with the weather” Jorick tells us. Indeed, for the 15th anniversary of the show, M6 has seen things big. It’s not one chef, two chefs, but 50 chefs who came to judge the cuisine of the new class. To celebrate the 15 years of the program, these 50 former candidates who were invited. To seduce them, Jorick, Valentin, Quetin, Clotaire, Pavel and Marie had 4.5 hours to prepare 4 services: welcome cocktails, cocktail piece as a starter, cocktail piece as a main course and a cake. As the levels progressed, a candidate found himself stopped in this frantic culinary race. The stress was at its peak.

The pressure was even greater for Jorick. Indeed, the young man wanted to make Stéphanie Le Quellec proud, but not only that… He also wanted to impress another chef who has supported him for years now, Guillaume Sanchez, former Top Chef candidate present on the jury for the 15th anniversary of the ’emission : “I was keen not to disappoint chef Le Quellec who believed in me since the start of the competition. Also, to honor Guillaume and the pair that we have formed for 6 years”.

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The young chef surprises and does not hesitate to take risks in his kitchen. A job that pays off since he ends up taking first place: “I think I felt a great relief and a lot of pride at having fulfilled my contract. But in the end, what a unique chance to feel Guillaume’s pride.”

But in addition to having made his mentors proud, Jorick gains another advantage. Its dessert made for the program’s anniversary is today, Thursday May 16, sold throughout France in all Auchan stores. The public will thus be able to test his “rustic lemon tartlet, spring pollen” which he presented during this event and which won him: “My inspiration for this Meyer lemon, pollen, olive oil tart came to me quickly. I knew that strategically at the end of a test like this we needed freshness and acidity to finish tickling the jury’s palate. There was enough deliciousness and modernity to come out of this classic lemon tart. Dessert that I’m really not a fan of. Double challenge to succeed in making me love this pastry. The tart consists of shortcrust pastry, a lemon madeleine mixture, a miso (salted) caramel, a lemon cream with olive oil, an olive oil with beeswax and spring pollen”.

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The candidate tells us that “Auchan obviously reworked my pie to make it feasible on a large scale. But they knew how to source good products in order to be as close as possible to what I imagined”. So you know what you have to do to try this superb lemon tart from Jorick without further delay!


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