Sebastián Fernández, a 23-year-old young man, experienced an unpleasant episode in a bathroom in a supermarket in Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. As reported, A subject showed him his penis by inserting it through a hole in a cubicle.

Fernández had to run some errands, but before continuing with them he went out to eat with a friend. At that moment, He felt stomach upset and had to go to a toilet.

The boy came to the bathroom and noticed that there was a gap in one of the panels of a cubiclebut, although that seemed strange to him, he stayed there because he felt bad and asked his friend to hold his hair while he vomited.

However, to his surprise, seconds later a penis appeared through that hole, as he told Todo Noticias. “I told my friend to help me hold my hair because I wanted to vomit, and when I’m about to bend over, a guy sticks his member in there. She appeared out of nowhere”Sebastian said.

Furthermore, he explained that His reaction “was to kick him to get him out.” Sebastián left the bathroom and the exhibitionist pulled up his pants and ran, but the young man went after him and grabbed him by the shirt and told him that “you’re not leaving, you’re staying here.”

Sebastián notified security and the Police arrived at the scene. Then, they were taken to a police station.

The accused’s mother asked the victim not to report her son because he was only 19 years old and could harm his life.

However, according to the young complainant, the guy said he did it frequently. “I go to the supermarket and I always do it, also in a pizzeria in Lanús”were his words before all the people who were there.

Sebastián Fernández said that he has the statement document and that he carried out the process against the exhibitionist thinking about minors who could be affected by this type of obscene acts.


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