A Russia again insisted, this Monday, that Ukraine attacked the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, speaking of a “very dangerous provocation” on the part of Kyiv.

This position was shared by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov at a press conference.

This is a very dangerous provocation. The IAEA staff [Agência Internacional de Energia Atómica] who is at the scene had the opportunity to witness these attacks. This is a very dangerous tactic and has very negative consequences in the long term. The Kyiv regime, unfortunately, continues its terrorist activity“, said Peskov, quoted by the Russian state agency TASS.

It is recalled that, on Sunday, Russian authorities at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant reported an attack by Ukrainian drones in the vicinity of the plant. The attack, according to what they claim on their Telegram channel, involved two drones, the first of which crashed with an explosive charge near a central canteen.

According to authorities, the attack occurred 20 minutes after a new inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN nuclear agency, which reported a drone attack on infrastructure.

However, Ukrainian authorities denied being responsible for any military operation against the plant.

“Ukraine is not involved in any armed provocation at the facilities of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, illegally occupied by Russia”since March 2022, Ukrainian military secret services (GUR) spokesman Andri Yusov told the Kyiv-based publication Ukrainska Pravda on Sunday evening.

The IAEA had already mentioned a drone attack whose explosions caused “minor damage” to one of the six reactors at Europe’s largest plant.

“I strongly urge military decision-makers to refrain from any action that violates the basic principles of protecting military installations,” said IAEA chief Rafael Grossi.

In response to the UN agency’s statement, the representative of Ukrainian military espionage accused Russia of having carried out “simulated attacks” on the plant, of having placed troops and military equipment there and of having undermined the facilities of the plant located in the occupied part of the province of Zaporizhia, in southeastern Ukraine.

Yusov also rebuked the Russian occupation forces for “endangering the nuclear infrastructure, the civilian population” and the entire Europe with their presence at the plant, under constant surveillance by IAEA experts due to the risk of war-related incidents leading to a nuclear accident.

Since the beginning of the occupation of the plant, Russia and Ukraine have systematically accused each other of using the plant for military purposes, thus threatening nuclear security in the area and throughout the region.

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